Donation Requests

We love our community and the people and organizations within it. We are very blessed and honored to be able to give back to the community. We fulfill approximately 50 donation requests per month. Due to a large number of donation request per month, we ask that all customers/companies/and or organizations fill out a Donation Request Form.


Please note that on average we get over 200 donation requests per month, therefore we ask that you submit your donation request two months (60 days) in advance of your event.  All requests not within this time frame, will decrease your chance of your donation request being approved.


You will be contacted by our general manager once we receive your donation request, generally within 24-48 business hours.


Rules for all donations:

  • Preference is given to non-profit organizations.
  • All donations must be confirmed by emailing the general manager at one week (at least 5 business days) prior to pick up.  All donations that are not confirmed, will not be filled and will not be completed.  We ask that you confirm the donation for several reasons.  We need to know pick up times, who will be picking up the donation and returning anything if applicable.  We also need to confirm the size of the donation as some event sizes can change last minute.  We also need to confirm that the event is still scheduled as some events can get canceled last minute.
  • All donations must be picked up by someone approved within the organization requesting the donation.
  • All borrowed equipment must be returned (if applicable) by someone approved within the organization within 24 hours.
  • All equipment is the responsibility of the organization requesting the donation.  Any equipment not returned or returned broken will be billed the purchase price of any broken or missing equipment.
  • If your donation request is granted you will need to email us your Missouri 501C for our tax deduction purposes, or you can upload it below.