Lakota Downtown Columbia Location

The Original Lakota Coffee Company & Roasters in Downtown Columbia, MO

Lakota Coffee Company’s mission is simple: provide the finest fresh roasted coffee & specialty coffee beverages, pastries, & sandwiches available anywhere, in a warm, clean, relaxing environment, with the friendliest customer service in town or online. We are serious about our dedication to great coffee and impeccable service, which is why we’ve been a Columbia tradition for 27 years. Come try our fresh roasted coffee in Columbia, Mo by visiting our original downtown location today!

Fresh Roasted, Single Origin Coffee in Downtown Columbia

Providing the finest, fresh roasted coffee in Columbia is our top priority. Here at Lakota, we use Arabica coffee, which is hand-picked on family farms of 12-15 acres in a variety of countries and regions. This is where the term ‘single origin’ comes from, meaning the coffee is sourced from a single region or country. Each coffee growing region has specific flavors and characteristics that they’re known for in the industry. For example, coffee from Central and South American countries are known for their deep body and rich flavor. Guatemala specifically, is known for producing some of the best coffee in the world. There are many varieties of coffee, and Lakota is dedicated to providing you with the best. We also want to encourage you to expand your coffee knowledge, and we’re always happy to discuss the origins of our beans with you.

Lakota Offers a Relaxed Coffee House Experience in a Convenient Location on 9th Street

Here at Lakota, besides providing you with the best, fresh roasted coffee in town, we also want to give you a place to relax. From the original 1920’s brick walls to the handmade Old hickory chairs, our coffee house in downtown Columbia has a welcoming atmosphere that has kept us busy for nearly 30 years. Our cozy Ninth Street location gives students a study spot, friends and coworkers a relaxed atmosphere to meet in, and coffee connoisseurs a place to experience artisanal coffee from all over the world. We believe in quality when it comes to coffee and service, so that’s why you can always expect a friendly, smiling face to greet you when you walk into our shop.

Want to try the freshest coffee in town? Come pay us a visit at our Ninth Street location today!

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