Coffee of the Month Club
Top Seller & Decaf Tour


Each month we will send you 2 LBS of Coffee: 1 LB from our Top Sellers section and 1 LB from our Decaf Coffees section. 6 Month or 12 Month tour is available. Explore different growing regions from around the world. Delivered to your doorstep every month, in the perfect window of freshness!

Month 1: Colombian, Decaf House
Month 2: Guatemala, Decaf Colombian French Roast
Month 3: Sumatra, Decaf Espresso
Month 4: Costa Rica, Decaf Ethiopia
Month 5: Italian, Decaf Sumatra
Month 6: Mocha Java, Decaf Mocha Java
Month 7: House Blend, Decaf Colombian
Month 8: Kenya AA, Decaf House
Month 9: Tanzania, Decaf Espresso
Month 10: San Jose Estate Nicaragua, Decaf Ethiopia
Month 11: Sumatra French Roast, Decaf Sumatra
Month 12: Fireside Blend, Decaf Mocha Java

Coffees of similar quality will be substituted if certain coffees are unavailable on the world market. This is subject to change without notification.


Earn up to 3,800 Lakota Bucks.

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Top Seller & Decaf Tour”

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