Congo Kawa Buhoya Microlot
Size: 1 LB


The Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly known as Zaire, is in Central Africa bordered by the more familiar coffee producers of Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia. We are delighted to introduce this unusual Estate Coffee of the Month Selection that is turning heads at the Cupping Table.

This amazing coffee is sourced from a collective of family owned farms, grown at close to a mile high, in volcanic sandy loam soil. It is then fully washed and dried in raised beds.  Features a Floral Fragrance with Herbal Lemon Rind; Fruit notes in the cup with a tangy acidity, Medium body, and a sweet, clean finish.

Coffee Origin: Congo, Coffee Roast: Full City/Medium Roast, Flavor: Floral, Citrus, Body: Medium, Acidity: Vibrant


Earn up to 180 Lakota Bucks.

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Size: 1 LB”

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